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To report a student’s absence, notify the school of a late arrive, or have a student leave early, a parent/guardian needs to call the Glenbrook South High School attendance line: 

Student Illness

  • If a student tests positive for COVID, the student should remain home and a parent/guardian should notify the attendance office. The information will be shared with the nurse’s office and someone will be in touch regarding next steps.
  • Students experiencing any flu symptoms are encouraged to remain home. Any tests, quizzes and projects can be made up when they have recovered and returned to school.

Arriving Late or Leaving Early Process

  • Students who are called out during the school day will need to come to the attendance window for a pass and sign out at the time they are leaving the school.
  • Students who are returning to school or coming in late will need to come to the attendance window for a pass and sign in when they enter the school. 
  • Students who fail to sign in or out will receive an unexcused absence for the classes that they missed.
  • Students excused from school must leave the building. 

Meet the Attendance Staff

Vickie Balabanos

Attendance Clerk

Rachel Cascio

Attendance Clerk

Bonita Morris

Attendance Clerk