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College Visits Calendar

Fall College Visits

  • During the fall semester, over 150 colleges and universities visit Glenbrook South High School.  These college visits provide a great opportunity for juniors and seniors to learn more about a particular college within our own building. It is an opportunity for students to learn about a college that they may not have visited, or to ask questions of the admission representative from a college a student has visited.
  • A comprehensive list of fall college visits is available on Naviance. College visits will also be posted outside the College Resource Center, read during daily announcements and sent home through School Messenger.

College Visit Procedures

  • Visits are scheduled during the first half of each block. Allow approximately 45 minutes per visit. Students must return to their scheduled class at the conclusion of the visit.
  • Students must register for a college visit in Naviance when possible. 
  • In order to be excused from a class, a student must obtain a gold pass from the College and Career Center (at least one day in advance of the meeting) and obtain a signature from the teacher of the class they will miss. This pass should be brought with the student to the college visit, where where the college representative will sign off that the student attended the visit. 
  • A GBS parent volunteer and the college representative will greet you at the visit. Students must sign the attendance sheet when you arrive at the college visit. The Attendance Office will receive a copy of this sheet to verify your presence. 
  • Student's are expected to be respectful at the college visit. Students who are not courteous and respectful, will not be allowed to attend future visits.

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