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Distinguished Teacher of The Year

Nominations for the Glenbrook South Parents Association Distinguished Teacher Award shall be submitted by completing the 2023 online nomination form available from Monday, February 20, 2023, through Friday, March 17, 2023. 

Nominate a Teacher


Only teachers whose main assignment is classroom instruction are eligible for nomination for this award. Instructional Supervisors are not eligible. 

The criteria listed below should serve only as guidelines to the nominator(s). They will be the primary basis upon which the nominees will be judged by the screening committee. However, other information that the nominator feels may be important to the committee in evaluating the nominee should be included. Specific information is more helpful to the committee than general impressions of the nominator(s). 


Petitions should recommend nominees based on the following criteria: 

  1. Has a comprehensive knowledge of his/her field. 
  2. Effectively organizes and presents the subject matter in a way that makes sense to students. 
  3. Stimulates thinking and develops understanding by challenging students’ intellect and arousing students’ interest; inspires a lifelong passion for learning.
  4. Makes good use of available human and material resources. 
  5. Provides assistance to students in solving their individual and group problems. 
  6. Participates in worthy student and community affairs. 
  7. Participates and contributes to the teaching profession through activities in professional societies and other professional organizations. 
  8. Contributes to the improvement and development of GBS.
  9. Collaborates within GBS and across the profession locally and nationally.
  10. A teacher whose primary assignment is classroom instruction.
  11. A teacher whose career includes a minimum of 10 years at GBS.
  12. A teacher who has not previously won the Distinguished Teacher Award. 

Award Winners

The following are the recipients of the Distinguished Teacher Award from past years. They are not eligible to receive the honor again! 

Year Name Department
1984 Anthony Calabrese Physical Education 
1985 Ronald “Doc” Rank Science
1986 Susan Salay World Language
1987 Howard Romanek Social Studies
1988 Dr. William Schnell Music
1989 William Urban Science
1990 David Pasquini Social Studies
1991 Mary Frances Crabtree World Language
1992 O. L. “Doc” Mutchmore Mathematics
1993 Gael Routenberg English/Drama
1994 John Davis Physical Education
1995 Terry Jozwik Social Studies
1996 Ruby Allen Special Education
1997 Dr. Jay Amberg English
1998 Clem Germanier Applied Technology
1999 Jack Adams Mathematics
2000 Greg Wojcik Music
2002 Mary Zuccarello Special Education
2003 Ben Hussmann Social Studies
2004 Dave Hill Applied Technology
2005 Danita Fitch World Language
2006 Preston Hayes Science
2007 Marty Sirvatka Music
2008 Hilary Rosenthal Social Studies
2009 Steven Weissenstein Business Education
2010 Jeff Yordy  Science
2011 Dr. Daniel Oswald Broadcasting
2012 Kurt Webb Art
2013 John Meyer Social Studies
2014 Mary Ann Ericksen Science
2015 Tom Henderson Science
2016 Matthew Whipple Social Studies
2017 Bryan Cope Mathematics
2018 Yasuko Makita-Discekici World Language
2019 Despina Mandarino Science
2021 David Kane Social Studies
2022 Daniel Zapler Social Studies


 Only teachers whose main assignment is classroom instruction are eligible for this award.