24 Hour Attendance Reporting Line

Attendance Reporting Changing Beginning 10.05.2020
If your student needs to be absent from their classes (whether e-learning or in-person), please use the Absence Report Form to do so. Click here to access the form in English, Spanish, Korean or Mongolian. Please note that this form will take the place of phone calls for student absences. Please submit the form rather than calling the attendance office. 

English Absence Report Form
Korean Absence Report Form
Mongolian Absence Report Form
Spanish Absence Report Form

You can use the 24-hour Attendance Reporting Line or Attendance Reporting Email to report attendance-related information regarding your child.
Attendance Reporting Line 847.486.4632
Attendance Reporting Email
(Quickest Response Time)
When prompted, please leave the following information:
  1. Student’s Name
  2. Student’s ID#
  3. Date of Absence
  4. Reason for Absence
  5. Person Calling (Parent or Legal Guardian)
  6. Your Contact Number
If you would like to speak with one of our Attendance Specialists regarding your child, please call the line which corresponds with your student’s last name. 
**Due to the volume of incoming calls, messages will be returned in the order they are received.** 
Child's last name begins with the letters A - K Rachel Harrington
Child's last name begins with the letters L - Z Vickie Balabanos
PLEASE encourage your students to STAY HOME if they have flu symptoms. Reassure them that tests, quizzes, and projects can be made up when they have recovered.