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Creating a Successful Audition

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Creating a Successful Audition

Our job is to cast the most dynamic, entertaining acts. Here’s what you can do to knock our socks off!

  • Choose an act related to the theme of "WONDERLAND"
  • Keep your act short (2 minutes and 30 seconds or less)
  • Rehearse, rehearse, rehearse! Be performance ready!
  • Examine and prepare all details of your act: costuming, props, tape, music, accompanist, act name, etc.
  • Live vocals only - no lip-syncing!
  • Groups are wonderful; solo/duet casting is difficult and rare.
  • Check material and lyric content; you will be asked to copy and paste your lyrics at the audition. Lyrics must have wide audience appeal and appropriate subject while remaining relevant to the theme of WONDERLAND.
  • Be creative! Show off your talents. Combine various elements…this is a variety show!
  • See previous Variety Shows and Behind the Scenes packages at for a better understanding of what has been done before and how you can best rehearse your act.
  • Be professional! You should be prompt, prepared, and courteous throughout the audition and rehearsal process.