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World Cultures

BSU (Black Student Union)

The purpose of the Black Student Union is to explore, support, and learn about various aspects of Black culture both domestically and abroad in a safe, supportive space.

Meeting Information: Wednesday (every other) after school Room 1174

Sponsor(s): Andrea Ball-Ryan

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Chinese Club

Come join us as we do Chinese calligraphy, watch Chinese movies and videos, drink tea, learn how to cook Chinese food and more! No language skills necessary.

Meeting Information: Thursday (weekly) after school Room 2340

Sponsor(s): Hong Wu

Cornerstone Christian Club

Cornerstone exists to build a community where students can explore the Christian faith, ask meaningful questions about life, and enjoy time together discussing ideas and encouraging one another.

Meeting Information: Tuesdays (weekly) after school Room 2354

Sponsor(s): Bryan Cope

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Filipino Club

This club is for all students interested in learning about, experiencing, and celebrating Filipino culture.

Meeting Information: Thursdays (every other) after school Room 2140

Sponsor(s): Raymond Lara

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French Club

French Club celebrates the language and culture of Francophone (French-speaking) countries. We do a variety of activities, in school and out of school, to connect students to all that the French language and culture have to offer.

Meeting Information: Monday (monthly) after school Room TBD

Sponsor(s): Emma Hanna, Amanda Moritz

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German Club

German Club celebrates the cultures of the German-speaking countries with a variety of games and activities. All students interested are welcome- no knowledge of German is necessary to enjoy this club.

Meeting Information: Monday (weekly) after school Room 2167

Sponsor(s): Lauren Haugh, Renate Toth

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Hellenic Club

Hellenic Club seeks to unite those interested in exploring Greek culture, including, but not limited to customs, values, food, dance, and architecture.

Meeting Information: Tuesdays (every other) after school Room 2186

Sponsor(s): Afrodite Kotur

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Japanese Club

The purpose of GBS Japanese club is to have fun with various Japanese culture learning activities; NO language skills are required.

Meeting Information: Wednesday (weekly) after school Room 2300

Sponsor(s): Yasuko Makita-Discekici

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JSU (Jewish Student Union)

JSU is a club that learns about and celebrates Jewish culture. Come Listen to speakers from a variety of Jewish organizations, discuss timely topics of interest and engage in a variety of interactive activities.

Meeting Information: TBD

Sponsor(s): Yitzchak Crandus

KASA (Korean American Student Association)

Glenbrook South High School KASA serves to promote Korean culture and spread awareness regarding issues affecting Korean Americans and Asian Americans. We strive to build a community that is welcoming, empowering, and safe for any student interested in Korean culture and issues impacting Korean Americans and Asian Americans. All are welcome!

Meeting Information: Monday (every other) after school Room 2151

Sponsor(s): Mina Moon

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Mongolian Club

Mongolian Club's mission is to spread awareness about Mongolian culture and traditions and be a positive influence, while building a strong and connected community among club members. We welcome everyone from GBS that has a
passion to know more about different cultures and ethnicities. No language skills

Meeting Information: Thursday (weekly) after school Room 1174

Sponsor(s): Narangerel Banzragch

MSA (Muslim Student Association)

Join this club and help create an inclusive and supportive environment. Open to all students, of all faiths, who are interested in learning about Islam.

Meeting Information: Tuesday (every other) after school Room 2119

Sponsor(s): David Berkson

Mediterranean Club

Mediterranean club celebrates the numerous different cultures across the Mediterranean and also aims to promote political, economic, and cultural cooperation. All are welcome!

Meeting Information: Tuesday (bi-weekly) after school Room 2188

Sponsor(s): Andrew Reitman

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Polish Club

Polish food, Polish culture, Polish language, and Polish movies! Who could ask for more? All are welcome - Polish students and non-Polish students!

Meeting Information: Wednesday (every other) after school Room 2145

Sponsor(s): Natalie Szczur

(SASA) South Asian Student Association

South Asian Association (SASA) explores the culture and issues of the Sub-continent. We participate in many all-school activities, club specific and community events. Service and volunteering are a part of our agenda as well learning about South Asian Social Justice issues. All are welcome!

Meeting Information: Wednesdays (after school) Room 2111

Sponsor(s): Sejal Schullo