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Competitive Teams

Bass Fishing Team

This club/team is for students who would like to learn about fishing as well as enhance their current skills through field trips and competitions. All experience levels are welcome! We have weekly club meetings and go fishing when the weather permits. We also have a team aspect for students who are serious about competing in tournaments and through the IHSA.

Meeting Information: M/T/W/Th/F after school Room 1188 or outside, weather permitting

Sponsor(s): Justin Zummo, Brian Schmalzer

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Chess Team

Chess is a game that promotes critical thinking skills while teaching students to accept the consequences of their decisions in a competitive yet social environment. Opportunities exist not only for casual play, but also for competition against other high school teams in the state.

Meeting Information: M/T/W/Th/F after school Room 2139 (Emerald City)

Sponsor(s): Steven Szpisjak, Michael Boyle

Debate Team

Debate is a nationally ranked competitive forum for students interested in learning more about public policy and social justice. We compete in both policy and Congressional debate. Students must be enrolled in one of our debate classes in order to participate.

Meeting Information: T/Th/F (weekly) co-curricular activity Room 1123/1125

Sponsor(s): Abraham Corrigan, Alyssa Corrigan, Jen Jun

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Fencing Team

Come and learn about the art and sport of fencing. Beginners and advanced fencers are welcome to learn the techniques and strategies of competitive fencing.

Meeting Information: M/W/Th/Su (weekly) after school West Cafe(M/W) Dance Room (Su)

Sponsor(s): Charles Heftman, Edward Kaihatsu

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Horticulture Team

Horticulture Team is a competitive academic team that focuses on the care, identification and culture of plants! We compete on the state and national level. We study many aspects of Horticulture including Floriculture, Greenhouse Management, Greenhouse Production, Installation, Arboriculture.

Meeting Information: Wednesday (weekly) after school Room 1379

Sponsor(s): Erin McBride

Math Team

Math Team provides an opportunity for strong math students to compete in intramural and interscholastic math contests.

Meeting Information: Thursday (weekly) after school Room 2379

Sponsor(s): Ryan Sutherlin, Bryan Cope, JoEllen Flener, Joseph Karlovsky, Catherine O'Dwyer

Mock Trial Team

Are you interested in the law? Do you like playing a role? The GBS Mock Trial team competes with other schools in arguing a case in front of a judge, with students playing lawyers and witnesses. You will learn how to develop a strategy for a case, question and cross examine witnesses, and raise objections. We hope to attend the annual state tournament in Urbana in the spring. Come check us out!

Meeting Information: Wednesday (weekly) after school Room 1159

Sponsor(s): David Kane, Gwen Quigley, Jeannie Logan

Model United Nations

Model U.N. is a competitive team that travels across the country. In Model U.N., students represent a person or country and engage in diplomatic debate with other students in order to create solutions to our world's greatest problems. This unique program offers students the opportunity to learn public speaking, research, and leadership skills, while also making lifelong friends.

Meeting Information: T/W (weekly) Tuesday after school, Wednesday before school - Back of Library Classroom

Sponsor(s): Jesse Sisler

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Science Olympiad Team

Science Olympiad members compete in 23 team events which address topics such as: nature of genetics, earth science, chemistry, anatomy, physics, geology, mechanical engineering and technology. Members work together to prepare, build and compete.

Meeting Information: Wednesday (weekly) after school Room 1343

Sponsor(s): Jill Serikaku, Jennifer Morris and Vasiliki Roumeliotis

Speech Team

Fourteen varied Speech/Acting events are available for the student interested in becoming a Speech Team member. Students audition and compete in one or more events against other schools. Speech/Acting events include: Dramatic/Humorous scenes and Interpretation, Poetry and Prose Reading, Original Comedy, Radio Speaking, Extemporaneous and Impromptu Speaking, Oratory/Informative/Special Occasion Speaking and Declamation. Speech tournaments are held on Saturdays from November to February at various high schools and coaching is arranged with the coach after school. The season ends with the IHSA State series competition.

Meeting Information: M/T/W/Th/F (weekly) after school Room 2150 (ARC)

Sponsor(s): Nancy Stickels, Karla Sorkin, Rosa Nevin

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Titan Poms

The Titan Poms are the competitive dance team at Glenbrook South High School. We perform at all home football and basketball games, as well as compete on a state and nationwide level.

Meeting Information: T/W/Th/F (weekly) after school outside or Fieldhouse Dance Room

Sponsor(s): Julie Smith, Zoey Sideris, Katelyn Dundovich

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