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American Sign Language Club (ASL)

Come to ASL club for an opportunity to learn the basics of signing as well as get a look into the world of Deaf culture.

Meeting Information: Wednesday (monthly) after school Room 2323

Sponsor(s): Rosemarie Carsello, Amy Klimkowski

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Academic Bowl

2 teams of 5 players face off to answer questions about Math, Literature, Social Studies, Science and miscellaneous topics. Beating the other team to the buzzer and working as a team are both important skills to score points. Contact Ms. Fraher or Mr. Kane for more information.

Meeting Information: Monday (weekly) after school Room 2352

Sponsor(s): Carrie Fraher, David Kane

Business Professional of America (BPA)

Students interested in competing in various business-related areas are welcome to join this club. Leadership opportunities and participating in service projects are also part of this club.

Meeting Information: Thursday (weekly) after school Room 1146

Sponsor(s): Rosanna McManamon, Caitlin Korienek


Computer Science Club

This club is for people who want to learn more about computer science and how we use computer science in our everyday lives. We will explore topics like binary numbers, data compression, current events, basic coding, coding competitions, and other computer science related ideas. All experience levels are welcome!

Meeting Information: Wednesday (bi-monthly) after school Room 1215

Sponsor(s): Elizabeth Nemecek, David Rogers

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Engineering/Vex Robotics

Do you like solving problems? Do you like working with your hands? If so, consider joining Engineering Club! Engineering Club includes VEX Robotics, 3D Printing, Laser Engravers and Vinyl Cutters - we’ve got it all! Come check us out and join the Maker Movement!

Meeting Information: Thursday (weekly) after school Room 1217 (Makerspace)

Sponsor(s): Michael Sinde, Justin Zummo

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Etruscan (Yearbook)

Etruscan, the GBS yearbook, comes out each May. Etruscan is a regular class that meets daily and earns a full credit. A semester of journalism is a preferred prerequisite, but students can be approved for staff participation with a teacher recommendation. Students interested in joining staff as a photographer can join through a tryout process in February.

Meeting Information: M/T/W/Th/F (weekly) co-curricular activity Room TBD

Sponsor(s): Brenda Field 

GBS Chicano Bowl

GBS Chicano College Bowl is a club and competitive team that is dedicated to learning about Chicano culture and history in the U.S. All students, including those who don't identify as Latinx, are welcome to join us to learn, have fun, and participate in annual events with CCB clubs from surrounding high schools

Meeting Information: Tuesday (weekly) after school Room 2174

Sponsor(s): Danita Fitch

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GIDAS is a club run through the non-profit research organization affiliated with the University of Michigan, called miRcore and is a part of a large network of other high school GIDAS clubs throughout the country. The club hopes to introduce genetic medical research to high school students and allow them to conduct their own research, which they can present at the end of the year. The club will also raise awareness and fundraise for a particular disease each year.

Meeting Information: Monday (every-other) after school Room 1383

Sponsor(s): Chiara Andrews

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History Club

History Club enjoys social time together and learning about the past either through student presentations, Academic Bowl challenges, guest speakers, documentaries and other fun ways to learn more about the history that the members find interesting.

Meeting Information: Thursday (weekly) after school Room 2142

Sponsor(s): Daniel Rhoades

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Med Chapter Club

GBS Medical Chapter Club's mission is to promote career opportunities in the medical/health care industry. Health professional speakers, student-led presentations, learning activities, and discussions surrounding medical issues and current medical advances are included in the club's mission to promote careers in the medical/health care industry

Meeting Information: Wednesday (every-other) after school Room 1363

Sponsor(s): Marianne Gudmundsson

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The Oracle (Student Newspaper)

The Oracle, the official student newspaper of GBS, produces seven issues of award-winning journalism each school year, covering everything from politics to breaking news, to personality profiles, South's art scene, and our varsity sports teams. All content - writing, images, and design - is planned and created by students. Writers and editors can join the paper by taking the Intro to Journalism elective; photographers and illustrators can join by talking with Mr. Wysocki.

Meeting Information: M/T/W/Th/F after school Room 2158

Sponsor(s): Robert Wysocki, Marshall Harris

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WiSTEM is a club for anyone in support of women pursuing interests in science, technology, engineering, or math. We invite speakers to share their current experience in, or pathways to a STEM career, complete labs/activities (when in person), and enjoy the company of like minded and supportive individuals!

Meeting Information: Tuesday (every other) after school Room 1342

Sponsor(s): Jill Serling

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Women in Business

The Women in Business Club aims to help empower young women at GBS to see a business career as a possible future endeavor and to achieve their ambitions and goals.  Skill building workshops, member activities, guest speakers and the annual Women in Business Networking Breakfast are all part of the experience.  Our mission also includes connecting with and supporting women owned businesses in the local area.

Meeting Information: Thursday (every other) before school Room 2139 (Emerald City)

Sponsor(s): John Blix, Caitlin Korienek

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