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World Cultures

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Glenbrook South’s World Cultures clubs bring students together to celebrate the rich cultures both locally and in the wider global community.

By organizing events, workshops and discussions, the clubs educate and engage students in meaningful conversations about different traditions, customs and histories. The clubs also aim to extend their impact beyond the school walls by participating in community outreach programs and collaborating with other cultural organizations. Through these activities, students gain an awareness and a deeper appreciation for the value of diversity.


World Cultures Clubs & Organizations Directory

German Club celebrates the cultures of the German-speaking countries with a variety of games and activities. All students interested are welcome- no knowledge of German is necessary to enjoy this club.

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French Club celebrates the language and culture of Francophone (French-speaking) countries. We do a variety of activities, in school and out of school, to connect students to all that the French language and culture have to offer.

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MASO's (Mongolian Club) mission is to spread awareness about Mongolian culture and traditions and be a positive influence, while building a strong and connected community among club members. We welcome everyone from GBS that has a passion to know more about different cultures and ethnicities. No language skills required.

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