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The service clubs at Glenbrook South provide students with a platform to actively engage in local and global philanthropic endeavors and make a positive impact on their world.

Through various projects and initiatives, these service clubs instill the values of compassion, empathy and social responsibility in their members. The service clubs at Glenbrook South truly embody the notion that by giving, we not only uplift others but also cultivate our own personal growth and understanding of the world.

World Cultures Clubs & Organizations Directory

Haven partners with the organization Housing Forward to address both the immediate needs of the homeless population and the long-term objective of stable housing. We endeavor to make a meaningful impact on the lives of individuals and families through fundraising, advocacy, and hands-on efforts.

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Girl Rising is a club advocating for the education of young girls throughout the world. We aim to spread awareness of the global issue of young girls enrolled in school and to fundraise for the organization Girl Rising.

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Water1st is a nonprofit organization that helps build and sustain clean water systems in developing countries. Support Water1st in their fight to promote global health and end the walk for water, which millions of women and children undertake each day. During club meetings, we play games, eat donuts, and plan fundraisers and awareness raising campaigns! There are also travel opportunities through the Water1st organization

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UNIDOS provides a space for Latinx students and allies. The club's mission is to empower Latinx voices within the GBS and Glenview community. Participants take part in various activities throughout the year to bring awareness to the Latinx community as well as provide service based opportunities for members.

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The GBS UNICEF Club is part of the UNICEF High School Club program, which is a youth-led initiative that partners with UNICEF to educate, advocate and fundraise to support UNICEF’s lifesaving work. GBS UNICEF Club's mission is to encourage high school students to take part in and play a vital role in helping the world’s children survive, while addressing global humanitarian issues.

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Student to Student works to bring students together in a drug and alcohol free environment. We encourage positive decision making throughout the Glenbrook South Community, so that students may pursue their goals and passions. Student to Student holds a variety of social events for students and works to bring awareness to students about the dangers of substance use and abuse.

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Create meaningful experiences for students with and without disabilities. Mentors are expected to attend class regularly and will be evaluated by the assigned special education teacher with a letter grade. Mentors have 1 to 2 required meetings per quarter outside of their mentoring block.

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Operation Smile Club partners with the national organization 'Operation Smile', whose main focus is to raise money in order to provide surgeries for children with cleft palates in other countries where the patient's family may not be able to afford this type of surgery. 

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Onward Neighborhood House is a long-standing community center serving the northwest side of Chicago. GBS and Onward House have been working together for almost 50 years! GBS students tutor children aged 5 to 12 years-old in their after-school program every Tuesday. In addition to helping with their homework, we read books, color, and play games with the Onward House children. GBS tutors develop positive relationships with the children at Onward House and find it rewarding to help build a child's skills and self-confidence. Throughout the school-year, we also engage in fundraising activities and collection drives to help the Onward House community.

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Harry Potter themed club, but it's beyond discussing the movies/books. We are a charity club. Lumos is an international non-governmental charity founded by J. K. Rowling and its goal is to put an end to the institualization of children worldwide.

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The Glenbrook South High School Key Club is all about one thing: Service. We focus on volunteer opportunities that fit our motto of "Service Over Self." Meaning, we want to make sure the opportunities are more focused on those who need it rather than ourselves. We are always looking for ways we can get beyond charity and start focusing on liberty. Liberty means we establish programs and opportunities that better the lives of the people we help for the long run. We have events for all levels of volunteers in a variety of focuses. Our hope is that through our events, members are inspired to proactively participate in volunteer opportunities on their own and eventually make it a habit in their lives beyond their time at GBS. So join us as we challenge each other to redefine what "service" means in our lives!

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This club is designed to give students with special needs an opportunity to socialize with others in an effort to develop positive peer group relationships. Everyone is free to join CEC...all are welcome!

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