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Intramurals and Sports

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Glenbrook South’s athletic clubs and activities offer students opportunities for physical fitness but also foster a sense of friendly competition and teamwork.

Students engage in various sports and games, encouraging them to push their limits and strive for excellence while learning the value of teamwork, cooperation and mutual support as they work together to achieve common goals. The athletic clubs and activities not only contribute to the overall physical well-being of the students but also prepare them for future challenges and successes.

Intramurals and Sports Directory

The Glenbrook South eSports team is a welcoming and diverse community of video gamers who engage in competitive group or individual gaming. The team is a great place to hone
your skills, make friends, and win tournaments. Team members will commit to practicing their games, sharing gaming strategies, and working with others to help our team
win competitions.

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The Titan Stars is an inclusive dance and cheerleading team where same-age peers with and without disabilities practice together and perform at GBS basketball games during the winter season. We celebrate teamwork, friendship, hard work, and school spirit!

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All Glenbrook South female athletes are eligible to join the Girls Letter Club. Activities include the promoting of girls athletics and the sponsorship of Gym Jam, Winterfest and other philanthropy events throughout the school year.

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Bowling is open to anyone and everyone who enjoys the sport. We depart GBS from the Bus Depot on the Northeast side of the school near the Autos Courtyard/Titan Dome by 3:40pm and head to Bowlero in Niles.  We return to the GBS Main Entrance by 6:00pm. The cost is $8.00 for two games w/shoes (it’s a great deal!).

Click here for the permission slip and more information!  Permission slips can be returned to the SAO.  

Google Classroom Code: ooftvgx

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Bags is fun. People are fun. Playing "bags" or "baggo" with people therefore seems as if it would be at least double the fun. We hope to play, chat, build some boards, and do some good things. Hope you can join us!

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