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Honor Societies

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The Honor Societies at Glenbrook South recognize and reward students who achieve excellence in scholarship, service and special interest.

By achieving excellence in scholarship, students demonstrate their dedication to academic pursuits and commitment to learning. Leadership skills are also valued and celebrated, as these societies help develop students' abilities to guide and inspire others. The Honor Societies also contribute to the school's culture of excellence, fostering a community where students are recognized and encouraged to reach their full potential.

Honor Societies Directory

NAHS is a nationally recognized honors art society and at GBS we provide artists opportunities to give back to the community through art; community art service projects. The national standards for membership are extensive and include being enrolled in various art classes throughout membership year and maintaining a particular gpa. We host and lead free community art workshops along with professional student artwork displayed in the GBS art gallery.

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Membership in National Honor Society is open to juniors and seniors who have excelled in scholarship, leadership, service and character.

Students who meet the following criteria may apply to NHS during the second and third weeks of February.

  • An academic grade point average of 3.5 or higher.
  • An all-subject grade point average of 3.0 or higher.
  • Participation in six or more GBS activities in at least two of the four activity areas that include (1) athletics/athletic related, (2) students government/service clubs, (3) performing arts/music/speech, and (4) special interest clubs/journalism.
  • Participation in a service project either through a GBS sponsored activity or outside group.
  • Sponsorship of one teacher on the faculty.
  • Approval by faculty evaluation committee.
  • Initiation is held during the spring semester each year after the conclusion of the five semesters for juniors and seven semesters for seniors.


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Quill and Scroll is an international honor society for high school journalists who have done superior work in some phase of journalism or school media work. Inductees may be staffers of a magazine, newspaper, yearbook, news organization, online site or radio/television station at the school, or one conducted by an external organization. Inductees must also have at least a 3.0 grade point average or be in the top third of their class. New members at Glenbrook South are inducted each spring.

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