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Content Assessment

The content assessment is administered when there is a desire to modify a student's placement in mathematics at Glenbrook South High School. Advance registration is required.

The purpose of the assessment is to provide an additional piece of data to better inform the placement decision. The assessments are used in decisions regarding level. They are not for skipping over prerequisites or “testing out” of a course. For instance, a student currently in Common Core 8 and recommended for Algebra cannot take an assessment to place into Geometry (Honors), because students need to take a course in Algebra 1 first.  

Depending on the test (there are four different exams) and the student’s overall academic profile, around 75% is a good demonstration of proficiency in the material covered and is considered passing. Because the test is administered in February, students cannot be expected to know a full year of material for their current course. The test is designed to assess learning and retention to this point in their mathematics learning.  

  • Each of the tests consists of two parts:  A multiple-choice portion (with ample room to work the problems on paper) and a written portion where students show their work and the Instructional Supervisor grades the papers. Partial credit can be earned.
  • Students are expected to bring #2 pencils and a scientific calculator. The TI-Nspire, other graphing calculators, a computer, Tablets, iPads, and similar devices are not allowed. If a scientific calculator is not available, we will provide a loaner for the test. 
  • The tests are designed to be completed in about 60 – 75 minutes, but students can take as long as 90 minutes if needed. Note that the test for placing into Algebra 2 Honors is longer than the other tests.
  • Students must bring a school picture ID to check in for the test.
  • Results of the test will be e-mailed within a week of the second appeals test date.

The table below provides some guidance on the math content addressed in each assessment.

Desired Course for 9th Grade Overview of Material Covered on the Assessment
Algebra Pre Algebra topics and/or Common Core 8 topics addressed in 8th grade, through January. 
Geometry  Algebra topics covered through January, as well as a few fundamental geometry topics typically addressed in earlier grades.
Geometry Honors Algebra topics covered through January, as well as a few fundamental geometry topics typically addressed in earlier grades.
Algebra 2 Honors Algebra topics (from a full year of algebra), as well as some applications of geometry topics, addressed in 8th grade Geometry, through January.

There are no study guides and the department does not share specific practice content for these assessments.

Questions can be directed to the Instructional Supervisor, Phillip Gartner, at (847) 486-4699 or, or to the department administrative assistant, Susan Werker, at (847) 486-4690 or