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Titan Tots Preschool

Titan Tot Preschool is a high school laboratory preschool located within Glenbrook South High School.

Our program gives Glenbrook South students the opportunity to observe and interact with preschool-aged students as part of their Child Development class. In addition to Ms. Goodrich, high school students rotate throughout the day to assist.

The primary goal of our program is the development of a positive self-concept and a positive attitude toward school. The Glenbrook South Titan Tot program provides three, four, and five year olds with a warm, stimulating, academic environment.

Our program reflects how children learn and develop a multitude of skills in the areas of: literacy and language development, mathematical, logical and scientific thinking; social and emotional relationships; and through music and art. The program provides the preschool child with a great deal of individual attention, various stimulating materials, and exciting activities through experiences and friendship.

About the Titan Tots Preschool