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Senior Project

Senior Project Is...

  • GBS' capstone experience for graduating seniors
  • An authentic learning opportunity at the end of second semester that comes in two versions:
    • A two week abbreviated project
    • A four week full project
  • A chance to demonstrate excellent and finish your time at GBS in a way that's meaningful to you
  • A goal driven pursuit (by application) that is student directed, yet supported by a mentor and a community sponsor that are both chosen by you

How Does It Work?

  • You submit an application & proposed calendar of work that is reviewed & discussed with your mentor, your community sponsor, and Mr. Blix, the program coordinator.
  • Receiving approval on your application materials enables you to "pitch" your project to a small group of adults & peers.
  • You attend required meetings to discuss specific process & outcome expectations, including the culminating Showcase Event.
  • You attend all your second semester classes up to the date you begin your project, finishing up all classwork required by your teacher.  Students will not start their project until all agreed-upon classwork is completed.
  • Once your project begins, you leave the building to focus 100%** on your project as the capstone experience to your Senior Year.  During your project, you meet with your mentor weekly to evaluate progress as well as your community sponsor for support and expertise.

Students involved in activities such as Band, Choir, Orchestra, Peer Group, or enrolled in Consumer Ed class are required to maintain attendance and complete commitments to those activities/classes.  Some can be done in parallel with your project...see Mr. Blix to discuss your individual circumstance.


Senior Project Resources