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Peer Group

The Glenbrook Peer Group Program was founded in 1974 to help participating students have a positive experience in high school and better cope with the pressures of adolescence.

Recognizing the influence of peers on each other and affirming our faith in the abilities of teens to help each other, senior Peer Group leaders meet with underclassmen in small groups. Within these groups the leaders encourage cooperation, the development of relationships and the exchange of useful information. For most students, the results are a feeling of belonging and acceptance which help support them in their daily lives, in and out of school.








  • All freshmen who have an SRT are eligible to participate in the program
  • Twoo senior leaders (typically one boy and one girl) meet with the same freshmen group twice a week for the full semester
  • Freshmen are encouraged to continue participating in the program both semesters (the senior leaders and freshmen groups change second semester)