Junior year is very important and will present your student with many challenges. We recognize that one of these challenges may be standardized testing. On April 14, 2020 all juniors will take the state-mandated SAT assessment during the school day. It is important to note that both the ACT and SAT remain viable college admission examination options for all colleges and universities. Aside from the state-mandated SAT on April 14, students should pursue additional testing with the test they feel most comfortable with. Differences between the two exams can be found here.

While the content of these exams is addressed within the regular high school curriculum, some students may benefit from more formal test preparation. The following are options for test prep:

  • Khan Academy - GBS guidance counselors will meet with all juniors during their SRT’s in early September to introduce Khan Academy, a free test prep resource for the SAT.  More information about Khan Academy can be found here.
  • Glenbrook South ACT/SAT Test Prep Classes - These test prep classes will be offered by our experienced Glenbrook South Faculty in the Winter/Spring. These GBS review sessions will be offered after school and in the evenings starting on the following dates: SAT Prep - begins Jan. 21, 2020; ACT Prep - begins Feb. 6, 2020; ACT Spring Brush-Up - begins May 11, 2020; and SAT Spring Brush-Up begins May 18, 2020. Please click here to see the flyer with more details.

Please contact your student’s guidance counselor with questions about standardized test prep options. Our goal is to support all students in their testing experience.