College Application Procedures

The following guidelines will help assure that Seniors complete all steps in the college application process.

  • Make yourself aware of your college application deadlines and submit early--especially when applying to state universities.
  • Go to each college's Admission page to find the online application and/or go to the Common Application website at
  • Complete each application online and be sure to proofread it before submitting.
  • Submit a Transcript Request Form (TRF) to the College & Career Center (CCC) for each application. Pick up a copy of the TRF in the CCC or download a copy here or through your Naviance Family Connection account in the Document Library link on the right.
  • Test scores do not appear on transcripts.  If you did not already do so, you should send your ACT scores ( and SAT scores ( to your colleges. Scores must be received by each college's deadline in order for your file to be complete.
  • Only ask for a letter of recommendation from your Counselor or Teacher if your school requires or suggests it, or if you need to explain an unusual circumstance.
  • If requesting a Counselor Recommendation, complete the Recommendation Survey in Naviance and schedule an appointment with your Counselor.  Allow 10 school days for completion.
  • If you need a Teacher Recommendation, make an appointment with your Teacher and also allow 15 school days for completion.
  • If your college requires a Midyear Transcript, pick up and submit your Midyear Request Forms to the College & Career Center when we return from Winter Break.

See your Counselor, Mr. Klasen, Mrs. Lesch or Mrs. Swanson in the College & Career Center if you have any questions or need assistance with this process. We’re glad to help!