Application Procedures

College Application Procedures

The following guidelines will help assure that Seniors complete all steps in the college application process.

• Every senior will have an individual zoom appointment with their counselor this fall to check in on where they are in the process, and to review the college application process. Your counselor will contact you to schedule these appointments.

• Transcript Request Forms will be available in your counselor’s Google Classroom within the first few weeks of school.

• Go to each college's Admission page to find the online application and/or go to the Common Application website at

• Complete each application online and be sure to proofread it before submitting.

• Test scores do not appear on transcripts.  If you did not already do so, you should send your ACT scores ( and SAT scores ( to your colleges. Scores must be received by each college's deadline in order for your file to be complete.

• Only ask for a letter of recommendation from your Counselor or Teacher if your school requires or suggests it, or if you need to explain an unusual circumstance.

• If requesting a Counselor Recommendation, complete the Recommendation Survey in Naviance and allow 15 school days for completion.

• If you need a Teacher Recommendation, make an appointment with your Teacher and also allow at least 15 school days for completion.

• If your college requires a Midyear Transcript, Midyear Request Forms will be available in your counselor’s Google Classroom after winter break.

Email your Counselor, Mr. Klasen, Mrs. Lesch or Mrs. Swanson in the College & Career Center if you have any questions or need assistance with this process. We’re glad to help!