"Your Promposal" secures funds at Business Incubator Pitch Night

The GBS Incubator class held their annual Pitch Night competition on May 30. 

Four teams competed throughout the night for a chance to win startup funding from a board of advisors.

Sophomore Nicholas Eilts won his full funding request of $4,100 to help bring his “Your Promposal” business idea to market. The business is centered around helping high school students ask each other to dances – such as homecoming, turnabout and prom – in fun and memorable ways. 

Going into next year, Eilts is working to build a library of semi-customizable “Promposal” packages that he will sell through his e-commerce platform at yourpromposal.com. Some of the milestones he will seek to achieve include: establishing a legal business entity, opening a business checking account, exploring the feasibility of obtaining intellectual property protections, and conducting marketing activities to promote his brand. The entire time, he will iterate to improve his business in an attempt to achieve product market fit.