Women in Business Breakfast inspires leaders of tomorrow

GBS hosted its second annual Women in Business Breakfast on Jan. 31. The event was meant to connect female business leaders of today with those of tomorrow through networking, conversation and a thought-provoking panel discussion.

Local businesswomen were able to share their journeys and experience with female GBS students who are still trying to navigate their own interests and passions.

Career and Technical Education instructional supervisor Dawn Hall said the event continues to grow each year.

“We had such a good response the first year that the business leaders actually began to form their own group – they wanted to do more together,” Hall said.

GBS principal Dr. Lauren Fagel stressed how important the event is for women of all ages.

“We live in a new world of business,” Fagel told the students. “Gone are the days where women are behind the scenes. You are growing up in the most exciting time for women in business. The sky is the limit.”

Female enrollment in business classes continues to grow at GBS. It is up about four percent this year compared to last year, and up 24 percent since 2014.

Senior Grace Rodriguez said that it was nice to hear about new opportunities while attending the breakfast.

“I learned about opportunities both in the working world and at GBS that I didn’t know about before,” she said. 

Senior Katie Thoelecke said it was good to hear from other women who have already been through much of what she is going through.

“It was nice to hear that we don’t have to know exactly what we want to do right now in order for things to work out in the long run,” she said.

The panelists left the students with a few key messages:

“Put yourself out there. Don’t be afraid of someone telling you that ‘you can’t’ or ‘no.’ Take away another person’s ability to make you feel anything but empowered.”

“Walk into the room like you belong there.”

“Raise your hand [for opportunity] sooner. You don’t always need to be 110 percent prepared.” 

Panelists included Lindsay Slutzsky (CMO of Jiobit), Karoline Eigel (CMO & CRE Broker at MB Real Estate) and Julie Shechtman (Senior Vice President of Wealth Management at Morgan Stanley). About 14 other inspirational businesswomen attended the breakfast. 


Women in Business Breakfast inspires leaders of tomorrow