WGBK station manager known as role model, mentor for peers

Adair McMahon is the station manager of the GBS radio station, WGBK 88.5 FM.

Adair chose to take radio as a way to express her passion for music, as she felt that “there was something so cool about having your own radio show and being able to play whatever music you wanted to the people listening and sharing that same love and passion [with them].”

Being the station manager of WGBK carries important responsibilities. Adair oversees productions, helps everyone stay on task, and manages the FCC paperwork that is involved with being a certified radio station.

Daniel Oswald, radio teacher and advisor, said Adair is “intelligent, organized and responsible.” He said these qualities have helped her earn the position of station manager, along with her being a role model for other students in the radio program.

Since Adair has been in radio for almost her entire high school career, she said it holds a very special place in her heart. One of her favorite things about radio is the connections it has brought her, “with so many different types of kids at a variety of ages.”

“I’m still very good friends with people I was in radio with my freshman and sophomore years,” she said.

Adair said the GBS radio program is unique in that it unites so many different kinds of people. 

“It’s a wide mix of kids – from band kids to football players, to poms… ,” she said.  “Everyone goes there with the same intent and interests, and it makes for a very safe environment to express yourself. Plus, you always get some amazing new music recommendations.”

Oswald agreed that Radio Broadcasting is very inclusive.

“Radio is a storytelling medium for everyone,” he said. “Drawing people together is one of the strengths of the program.”
WGBK station manager known as role model, mentor for peers