Varsity girls gymnastics team continues successful state run

The GBS varsity girls gymnastics team placed third in state this year, concluding another successful season.

Familiar feelings came back to the girls who also placed third in state last year. Prior to that, the team hadn’t placed in state competition since 1979.

“I think we each have a lot of talent and skills,” said senior Bebe Haramaras. “Our team composition is really strong and we really motivate each other. We want the best for each other.”

Coach Steve Gale has been involved with the program since 1998, and has been the head coach since 2005. Gale said he’s seen quite an evolution over the years.

“We’ve had a four-year run with some pretty credible success,” he said. “We have qualified to state as a team three out of the last four years… We have been fortunate to have had talented girls in the gym who have had the work ethic necessary to succeed at the state level.”

Haramaras recalled her freshman year, the first time the team had even traveled to state in 15 years.

“Gymnastics can be a frustrating sport; it’s mental and physical,” she said. “A lot of the time you work for a skill and want to improve it so badly. It can be easy to give up on yourself… Pushing through is one of the hardest things, but standing on the podium and getting a trophy is so worth it. Your team has your back and helps you succeed.” 

Sophomore Jenna Hartley agreed.

“You have to have the right mindset,” Hartley said. “It’s all worth it to see your hard work pay off. People cheer… a lot.”

The team hopes to continue their state streak, competing against the best of the best. 

“Sacrifice and tenacity meet opportunity,” Gale said. “The girls earned every honor bestowed upon them this season. Everything they did each day in practice was a step toward being prepared to perform well in the conference meet, regionals, sectionals and state.

“When we come into the gymnastics room door in early November we will once again set our goals to perform our best all season and position ourselves as best we can for success in the state series.”

Varsity girls gymnastics team continues successful state run