Titans host D34 STEM Day

Nearly 100 Attea and Springman middle school students spent four hours at Glenbrook South on Jan. 29 for D34 STEM Day.

The younger students were joined by freshman engineering students who helped them through several challenges including coding, problem solving and physics. 

GBS engineering teacher Mike Sinde said the event was open on a first come, first served to District 34 students in grades 6-8 who filled out an application and demonstrated interest in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM). The event was sponsored through a grant from the Glenview Education Foundation.

Sinde said the annual event always gets the younger students excited about STEM classes.

“They leave with a whole new attitude about learning,” he said.

Freshman Rina Patel said she enjoyed the day because it allowed her to learn new things alongside the middle school students. 

“Some of the things we learned hadn’t been covered in our high school classes yet, so that was interesting,” she said.

Patel said it was also exciting to see the D34 kids have a “light bulb” moment while problem solving. 

The overall goal of the event is to provide STEM-focused middle school students with hands-on activities, the chance to hear more about GBS classes/programs, and a tour of the school’s work spaces.

When asked what they learned, some middle school students responded with: 

  • “I learned how to build and improve.”
  • “I learned it’s not easy and you have to keep trying.”
  • “I learned how to code, which is something I never could do.”
  • “You need engineering in your life.”
  • “Everyone is an engineer. Everyone has to problem solve.”
  • “Science, technology, engineering and math are all linked together.”

Titans host D34 STEM Day