TLC provides academic support, test prep

Students may find it difficult to ask for help in class, or they are confused about specific material. They need more clarification, more practice, more help. The perfect place for that is the Titan Learning Center (TLC), which is located in the library and open to all students at Glenbrook South.

In 2017-2018, the TLC had 21,841 student visits. Thirty-three teachers, 13 aides, 16 academic coaches and 118 students volunteer their time to help. The TLC is accessible to all students and each session can be tailored to the students’ schedules. It is open before, during and after school. Many students receive help during their lunch breaks.

“The TLC is important and has saved me many times in math class... and [with] college essays, and many people benefit from it… because the academic level at this school is very high,” said Lily Dolan, a senior. 

Diana Shunnarah, a junior, said having a “new, fresh set of eyes” can help her find errors in her essays that she wouldn’t normally see. 

The TLC plays a very important role in many lives at GBS. It can help a student achieve their academic goals while feeling supported.

“It is a great, free opportunity for students… there is no limit as to how many times you can visit the TLC or how much help you can get at the TLC,” said Isabella Delatorre, a senior.

The TLC allows students to learn material that may seem confusing, to receive help on difficult topics, or to work through old material that may have been forgotten about. It is a place for all.

Students can book an appointment to work on a specific topic with a certain tutor by stopping by the TLC and asking to see their availability. Students are also welcome to drop in and receive help from any tutor available. The TLC offers SAT and ACT preparation as well. Students are welcome to stay in the TLC for as long as an entire class block or leave as early as they need to.

Ms. Cooper, TLC coordinator, added that a Homework Club was recently launched. It is meant to help students from the Special Education Department with their homework. 

Visit the TLC webpage for more information. 
TLC provides academic support, test prep