Percussion to farm life: alumna finds passion in food blogging

Through her study of classical percussion, Glenbrook South alumna Molly Yeh discovered food. 

Through food, Molly discovered her promising future.

Molly graduated GBS in 2007 and headed off to The Juilliard School on the Upper West Side of Manhattan, New York. There she played the timpani and met her now-husband, Nick, a trombonist and fifth generation farmer. 

But Nick wasn’t the only one to sweep Yeh off her feet. She fell madly in love with the New York food scene.

“I found myself cutting out of percussion practice earlier and earlier to try new restaurants,” she said. “Once I moved into my first college apartment, I devoted more and more time to making food and blogging.”

Molly and Nick have now been living on their farm northern Minnesota for five years. Molly is the star of the Food Network’s new series “Girl Meets Farm,” creator of her own lifestyle food blog,, and has published two cookbooks. She was named to Forbes’ 30 under 30 list for 2017. 

Farm life

What’s an average day like for Molly? It depends on the day. She balances her time between writing and recipe development. Sometimes she has a photographer in her kitchen for a photo shoot or an entire film crew keeping her company. Other days she’s traveling to Los Angeles to guest star on other Food Network shows.

One thing is constant. “I always have food on my mind,” she said.

While Molly never imagined herself farming sugar beets, soybeans and wheat – or being on TV screens across the nation – she said the newfound spotlight gives her a warm, small-world feeling.

“If I can in one way or another be in someone’s kitchen cooking with them, it’s like we’re friends,” she said. “The farm is a very solitary life. To work collaboratively with other people has been really cool.”

Building connections

Growing up in Glenview, Molly wasn’t shy to try new activities. She figure skated and participated in multiple orchestras. Most of her time at GBS was spent devoted to music and the math team. She joined Orchesis during her senior year as an outlet to dance and de-stress. 

“There were so many things I could get involved in at GBS, depending what my passions were,” she said. “My favorite class was World Religions with Mr. Fogerty, and while English class was very challenging for me, I’m so glad I took it and paid attention to it [now that I’m writing]. I can look back and really appreciate these classes.”

Molly’s current passions include learning about other cultures, and embracing her Chinese and Jewish heritage when creating new recipes. 

“I love encouraging others to understand culture through food,” she said. “It’s a special thing to be able to break bread with someone. I use food as a window to learn about other people in my community, in my country and around the world. Food makes people care more about each other.”

Percussion to farm life: alumna finds passion in food blogging