National Art Honor Society Debuts 'Compassion' Gallery

The idea to have a gallery around the word ‘Compassion’ was inspired by students and how they have viewed the year 2020.

Glenbrook South High School senior Maria Manousselis said, “There’s just been so many ups and downs so what we wanted to do was focus on the good of humanity in general. Just to take attention away from all the bad things that happened during 2020 and focus on the good things that humanity has done.”

Around 45 pieces are on display at the GBS Art Gallery as well as online. It features drawings, paintings, photography and sculptures.

GBS senior Janin Liu created a sculpture for the exhibit.

“What I wanted to do was highlight all the positive things that happened in 2020 rather than just focusing on one, which a lot of people did. I wanted to try to get the overall picture and I wanted to portray balance with my piece and that’s why it’s a stacked sculpture,” Liu said.

‘Compassion’ features artwork done by students in NAHS. 

GBS senior Marta Przyvylska said her piece is inspired by people coming together during the COVID-19 pandemic. Przyvylska is impressed with all the original pieces her classmates were inspired to create with the theme ‘compassion.’

“It’s just so awesome to see how different everyone’s pieces are and how creative students at this school can be. As just a simple thing as compassion and just do whatever you want with it,” Przyvylska said.

‘Compassion’ will be on display until students leave for winter break on December 18. 

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National Art Honor Society Debuts 'Compassion' Gallery