Mr. Cope named 2017 Distinguished Teacher

Mr. Bryan Cope has been named the 2017 Glenbrook South Parents Association’s Distinguished Teacher.

The mathematics teacher began his career at GBS in 2005 after graduating from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, and he has been honing his craft ever since.

Mr. Cope has made a positive impact on thousands of students at GBS. One of his greatest strengths is his ability to a teach a wide variety of classes. He has had great success teaching freshmen who are struggling with math as well as seniors who have surpassed AP Calculus. His relaxed, conversational style fosters a classroom of safety and respect.

Students in Mr. Cope’s classes are scheduled for individual conferences so that Mr. Cope can discuss the class, their academic progress, and even their extra-curricular interests. Mr. Cope dedicates time and effort to his classes, and goes out of his way to ensure that his students understand the subject matter that he is teaching.

It’s clear that Mr. Cope cares deeply about getting to know each and every student. He hears what his students need and makes sure they understand the fundamentals of each mathematical topic.

GBS Mathematics Instructional Supervisor Phil Gartner said that Mr. Cope’s philosophy is to empower students to be partners in learning.

"He treats students like adults and gives them choices, " Gartner said. "He listens to his students and also values their individual voice. In this way, Mr. Cope inspires his students to work hard, appreciate math, and become better human beings overall. 

In order to qualify for the Distinguished Teacher Award, a GBS educator must demonstrate the ability to organize and present subject matter effectively in a way that makes clear sense to the students; show resourcefulness in making good use of human and material resources that are available while assisting students in solving their individual and group problems; and should be a participant in worthy student and community affairs, and contribute to professional organizations.

Mr. Cope’s dedication to all of the above, as well as his professionalism and integrity, represent the very best that education has to offer.

Congratulations, Mr. Cope!