IL Science Assessment information for juniors

On Wednesday, March 11, all juniors are required to participate in the Illinois Science Assessment. Students should check their school email accounts for their room assignments. The assessment will be administered during the late arrival and will extend into block 1 that morning. 

The exam is self-paced and thus all students will have the opportunity to complete the exam in the time that is needed. Students will be excused from any class time that they may miss due to completion of the assessment. The following important information will help to ensure that students are prepared for the day:

• Testing will begin at 8 a.m. Please arrive by 7:45 a.m. and proceed to the room assignment above.

• Morning bus routes will be running for juniors on March 11. Students should be at their route pick-up at the regular time. Juniors who do not normally take the bus may do so that morning at no cost by simply waiting at the nearest pick-up point at the regular time. 
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• The Illinois Science Assessment is completed electronically. Students are required to bring their school-issued Chromebook, fully charged, on the day of testing. Students should bring their Chromebook charger as well. Personal devices will not work for this test.  

• Students have the opportunity to use the text-to-speech option built into the exam which will read the test to them. Students preferring to use this option should bring wired headphones. Bluetooth headphones are not approved for use with this assessment.

• Phones must be turned off and put away before the exam. Students may bring a book to read while waiting to proceed to the next test section.

• This mandated, standardized assessment is being conducted throughout Illinois this spring and is required for all Juniors. Students who are absent on March 11 will be pulled from future classes in order to complete this assessment. 

Illinois Science Assessment Details
The ISA has three sections and is untimed. The average student time-on-task is estimated at 120 minutes. The results provide administrators with important data to help make broad curricular decisions at the school and district levels. Classroom educators, however, will not use the results to make teaching adjustments year-to-year for individual students.

Preparation for the Illinois Science Assessment
There is no need to study in preparation for the Illinois Science Assessment. We do ask parents to encourage their student’s best efforts and to have them get plenty of rest the night before the assessment. 
There is more information available at the Illinois State Board of Education website.

Questions? Contact Cameron Muir, Associate Principal for Curriculum and Instruction, at 847.486.4404 or
IL Science Assessment information for juniors