GBS Warms Hearts During the Winter

Looking back at the harsh winter, Glenbrook South reflects on all the good that people in our community have done to warm the hearts of others. The community demonstrates the beautiful and pure hearts of its faculty and students.

On a cold, winter afternoon, Claire Hackl and Janine Dias made a difference at GBS with the help of Ms. Serling when they ended up saving Mrs. Swanson whose car wouldn’t start. The teamwork of these ladies allowed Ms. Swanson to get her car running in no time. 

Hackl and Dias were making their way out of school when they saw someone in need and without hesitation, they went to assist Ms. Swanson. Luckily, Hackl had jumper cables in her car and Ms. Serling came to help with jumping the car. Hackl and Dias may see this act of kindness as a small part of their day, but it made a huge impact on Ms. Swanson.

According to Dias, she worked as a team with Hackl and Ms. Serling to “[google] how to jump a car” which happened to save Ms. Swanson from the chilly air. Hackl remembered being in a similar situation earlier in the winter and “figured that there was no opportunity like the present” to learn how to jump a car.

As a human, the least you can do is try to do the little things that seem like the biggest things to other people. Carolyn Castroblanco and Ella Kaage had a similar impact on a fellow Titan’s life. 

During the winter, Castroblanco and Kaage noticed two people in distress surrounding a fellow Titan as they were driving. Without any fear, they approached the situation within seconds as they asked the parents if they needed to call an emergency number. 

The parents kindly explained that their child was having a seizure and needed to get home to their own car to take their child home. Castroblanco and Kaage acted immediately as Castroblanco drove the mother home, while Kaage engaged in conversation with the mother to calm her nerves. The Titans took a step further by following the mother back to make sure they were not in need of any further assistance.

Castroblanco felt like it “wasn’t much on [their] part,” but they managed to change their fellow Titan’s day.
GBS Warms Hearts During the Winter