GBS Career Day launches teens toward success

Few high school students know exactly what they want to be when they “grow up.” And few “grown-ups” can say they knew exactly where their career would lead them.

That’s why Glenbrook South’s Connects-Career Day is such a valuable experience for students.
Every two years, more than 150 business professionals donate their time to speak to GBS students during an all-day workshop. This year, there were 544 different sessions for students to choose from.

Speakers included a DEA agent, clinical psychologists, registered nurses, operations directors, corporate lawyers, civil engineers, project managers, aviation directors, firefighters, police officers, photographers, chefs, interior designers, physical therapists and more.
The real-life testimonials help students gain access to inside information. They learn about the types of goals these various professionals set when they were teens, and how those goals ultimately led to – or varied from – their current careers.

“In college counseling, we want students to consider ‘why’ they are going to college as much as ‘where,’” said John Klasen, GBS college counselor. “The opportunity for students to connect with career professionals twice during their high school career gives them great insight into possible areas of study or career paths for the future.”
Connects-Career Day also benefits GBS faculty members, Klasen said.
“Our faculty learn real-life examples to relate to the content and curriculum they are covering in their classes,” he said.
GBS alumnus Jack Doron was one of the speakers this year. He is a partner manager at Pinterest, having previously worked at Apple as head of client services.

Doron talked to the students about the endless opportunities in the technology field, including engineering and product management.
“Start thinking about internships whenever you can,” Doron advised the students. “You don’t have to wait until after college to find your first opportunity.”
Doron also encouraged the students to “meet more people, study hard and have a goal.”
“I think GBS is helping the students get on the right path for finding a successful future,” Doron said of Connects-Career Day. “Especially as they get closer to picking a college; it helps to have a broad understanding of the many career options.”