Drawing, fashion show encourages cross-curricular collaboration

When art teacher Stephanie Fuja and fashion teacher Melissa Regan spoke last spring about launching a combined drawing and fashion art show, it just made sense.

“Our students have very similar interests,” Fuja said. “Many of my drawing students go into fashion design in college.”

The first-ever Collaborative Advanced Drawing and Advanced Fashion Show was held Jan. 11 in the GBS Student Activities Center. Drawing students created detailed sketches of clothing that the fashion students assembled. 

Matt Moran, a junior, said the project brought a professional aspect to his art education. 

“The fashion students were able to request specific material or features that they wanted us to incorporate into the garment design,” Moran said. “I really struggled with drawing proportions at first and went through 6-7 sketches.”

Regan said about 20 of her students made a garment for the show.

“My students were so excited to have professional-level sketches created for their work,” she said. “A lot of detail went into those sketches and everyone worked really hard overall. It was great for them to see the final products side-by-side at the show.”

Fuja said drawing human figures and sketching the various fabrics was most challenging for her students. 

“This was definitely an upper-level project,” Fuja said. 

Emily Stoddard, also a junior, said this project was a great way to test the waters of fashion design.

“Everything came out looking really nice, and for me it confirmed that I want to do something art-related after high school,” Stoddard said.

Both the students and teacher agreed that they would like to see this project become a GBS tradition. 

“It’s a great way to celebrate all the work that the students put forth, and also an amazing opportunity for collaboration between two dynamic classes,” Fuja said. 



Drawing, fashion show encourages cross-curricular collaboration