Titan Pride Awards Program Continues To Shine Light On Students

Since 2017, Glenbrook South teachers take the time to recognize students that often go unrecognized during each semester.

GBS Guidance Counselor Kelly Lowery said, “They often don't think twice about the impact that they have on the culture at Glenbrook South and the positive ripple they create in the greater Glenview community.”

Teachers consider students for different reasons for the Titan Pride award. It can be for ways they go above and beyond, their determination, doing the right thing when no one is watching and more. 

Students recognized for the 2020 fall semester include:

Ilkin Badlov, presented by Ms. Teresa Youngberg
Emerson Beitzel, presented by Ms. Jessica Pritzker
Grace Cullum, presented by Mr. Mark Gallagher
Lily Davis, presented by Ms. Julie Smith
Ashley Ellison, presented by Ms. Nicole Carmen and Mr. David Berkson
Emely Jaramillo, presented by Ms. Cheryl Simon
Tierra Jones, presented by Mr. Steven Berkley
Ava Leipzig, presented by Mark Bauman
Lindsey Luksik, presented by Ms. Kristen Endre
Julia Maciuszek, presented by Ms. Gwen Quigley
Sophia Mantas, presented by Ms. Karly Sachs
Daniella Stepanov, presented by Ms. Nancy Stickels
Viktoriya Sydor, presented by Ms. Karly Sachs
Titan Pride Awards Program Continues To Shine Light On Students