Teachers Thinking Outside The Box During Adaptive Pause

While District 225 takes an adaptive pause from in-person learning, teachers are using their creativity to keep students engaged for the remainder of the semester.

With the help from Glenbrook South parapro and security staff, woodworking teacher Stephen Silca packaged 140 kits for his students. Each kit has 20 pieces of wood. In total 2,800 cuts, 10,080 screws were sorted and more supplies were packaged for the students to be able to do projects from home.

Silca said the students will be making a wall shelf and an end table remotely during the adaptive pause.

“We will be using online tutorials and live demonstrations to complete the project, but the only power tool used will be a drill. They [the students] are cutting the materials to length by hand,” Silca said. 

GBS fashion design teacher Melissa Pfister is also having students do take-home projects. Her fashion 1 classes are sewing pajama pants from home, which is normally done in the classroom during this time of the year.

“Through conversations and feedback, I had many students who were still interested in sewing PJ pants from home. I know that it will be a challenge to teach students who have different levels of experience, many with zero to very minimal,  and different sewing machines, but I also knew that this is something that I wanted to give students an opportunity to try,” Pfister said.

About 50 pajama pant kits were sent home.

Pfister said students who were not interested in sewing from home have the option to choose a daily or weekly project from the ‘Fashion Design Exploration Choice Grid’ that needs to be complete. The assignments explore various career paths in the fashion field, while utilizing resources sent home in fashion kits at the beginning of the semester.

“Despite the lack of normalcy this semester, GBS fashion students have found ways to explore their passions for Fashion Design and make the most of every opportunity put in front of them,” Pfister said.

Pfister plans to open the studio to students who have taken Fashion Design 1 next semester after school, even when they are no longer in the class to have more opportunities to sew.
Teachers Thinking Outside The Box During Adaptive Pause