TV and Film Students Win Big at MMEA Festival

Glenbrook South’s TV and Film class won 16 awards at the Midwest Media Education Association Video Festival on April 30, 2021. 

11 of the awards were from the MMEA State Festival, which include:

1st place - Hockey Skills - Michael Cunningham, Sophie Cotton, Tina Moran, James Hackett, Ella Durchin

School Promotion
1st place - Fall Fest Promo - Brianna Pop, Asha Bilimoria 

News Program
2nd place - Glenbrook South Report - Omar Shoreibah, Halle Sanders, Preston Davidson

2nd place - Sprite - Omar Shoreibah 

2nd place - Cinematography Reel - Brandom Sam
3rd place - Cinematography Reel - Sophie Cotton
5th place - Cinematography Reel - Brianna Pop

3rd place - Peggy Kullman - Charlie Kullman, Sophie Cotton, Quinn Monagan, James Scott
4th place - Megan Butler - Omar Shoreibah, Jane FitzGibbon, Ella Durchin

Public Service Announcement
5th place - Suicide Prevention PSA - Katie Pastor, Sita Kharel, Grace Clark

Live Event Coverage - Non Sports
5th place - Scat That -  Josh Brown, Matthew Finkel, Halle Sanders, Jane FitzGibbon

While 5 awards were from the Chicago/Midwest Student Production Awards from the National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences, which include:
  • Crystal Pillar, Music Video - Formula - Hannah Stettler, Talia Massareli, Maya Mladenovic
  • Crystal Pillar, Short Film - Fiction - Dear Future Self - Kevyn Kerwin
  • Crystal Pillar, Sports Story or Segment - Max Iida - Tina Moran, Sophie Cotton
  • Crystal Pillar, Sports Story or Segment - Sheena Graham - George Sladoje, Jane FitzGibbon
  • Crystal Pillar, Sports Program - Titan Sports: Resilience - Sophie Cotton, George Sladoje, Jane FitzGibbon, Michael Cunningham
TV and Film Students Win Big at MMEA Festival