GBS Outdoor Classroom Opens

On Tuesday, April 13 students and staff gathered near GBS greenhouse to celebrate the opening of a new outdoor learning space.

You will find benches designed and built by GBS woods students that have quotes on display, which were picked by the English Department.

GBS Science Teacher Jenny Friedmann said the idea to renovate the space started a few years ago with wanting to restore the basins and turn them into prairies.

“When we consulted with professionals it became clear that this was something that was going to take a big collaborative effort and that’s when we invited other members of other departments to jump on board with a committee and talk about if we are going to turn this into an outdoor living space what would that look like,” Friedmann said.

With a pathway, the space now connects the west and north lot.

GBS Science Instructional Supervisor Jeff Rylander said in addition to the prairies, the area also has a pollinator garden and donation garden that grows vegetables for the Northfield Township Food Pantry.

“Though it is not a completed project by any means, we thought it would be special to take a minute and say look where we are and where we can go in the future,” Rylander said.

Following the ribbon cutting ceremony, students from Planet Green, Interact and Elpida clubs spent time cleaning up the basins and assisted in landscaping prep.

The outdoor classroom is available for everyone to enjoy. 
GBS Outdoor Classroom Opens