GBS Broadcasting Student Nominated For The National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences Student Awards

Former Glenbrook South broadcasting student Katie Itaya is having her work judged on a national platform by the ‘National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences Student Awards.’

The National Student Production Awards program saw over 2,000 entries before picking finalists.

Itaya is nominated for her submission of ‘Katie Itaya Photography Composite.’

“Working on these pieces at GBS was truly my favorite part of high school. Not a lot of kids can say that they were able to participate in such an amazing film program in high school. The equipment and resources that GBS gives you access to is absolutely amazing. I also had the greatest teacher, Ms. Julie Benca, to guide me and give me advice along the way. I could not be more thankful for my TV experience at GBS,” Itaya said.

Itaya is studying film production at the University of California Santa Barbara’s film school. 

Itaya’s piece won a Crystal Pillar at the regional level back in April. 

This is not the first time the GBS broadcasting program is getting recognized by NATAS. Last year, GBS alumni Andrew Kurland won the national award in the "talent" category. In the past three years the program has also had a few more projects get nominated nationally.

GBS Broadcasting Teacher Julie Benca is proud of Itaya and all her students for the hard work and dedication they put into their projects.

“To be recognized on a national level is a great honor, especially considering that there were more than 2,000 entries. I hope it inspires current and future students to do the same,” Benca said. 

Benca said submitting work to broadcasting competitions has always been a part of the advanced program.

“I think that submitting to film festivals and having professionals in the industry review students' work is incredibly valuable for students. I always want to give my students as many opportunities to learn and create as possible, so moving forward, we will look into new festivals and contests as well as continue submitting to the ones we already do,” Benca said.

Former and current students in the broadcasting program have received recognition and awards for their work by The Midwest Media Educators Associations and ‘Crystal Pillars’ from the NATAS. 

The 2020 National Student Production Awards program recipients will be announced in February.

Katie Itaya Photography Composite NATAS Entry
GBS Broadcasting Student Nominated For The National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences Student Awards