2019 College Report

Glenbrook South’s class of 2019 reported 96 percent of graduates pursuing higher education this fall at 160 different campuses. Oakton Community College and the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign remain the top college choices selected by GBS students.

Some of the other top selected colleges or universities include DePaul University, University of Illinois-Chicago, Indiana University, University of Wisconsin-Madison, Loyola University, Marquette University and the University of Iowa. Each graduate applied to an average of 5.8 institutions.

Of the 96 percent of the 2019 graduates attending college, 77 percent are staying in the Midwest – 47 percent of them in Illinois. Six graduates are studying abroad in the United Kingdom, Philippines, Israel and Scotland. 

In addition, several graduates stated they are taking alternative paths to continuing their education. Seven graduates have entered the military; five reported they will work; five are taking a gap year; and two are pursuing career education.

Nine GBS graduates were recruited to play a Division I sport and transcripts for 25 Titan athletes were sent to the NCAA for participation in college athletics. 

2019 College Report