About Community Service


Advanced Early Childhood 
Curriculum in a Box
Teachers need themed units in order to provide the children with a comprehensive, creative and inviting developmentally appropriate early childhood curriculum. If well written, it helps build skills and facilitate optimum learning experiences, while enhancing self-concept and preparing children for future educational success. Collaboration with colleagues is a great way for teachers to develop dynamic and engaging curriculum for their student. Each unit included a 21 quart-sized box, which included items such as songs, art/science/math projects, suggested activities, books, blocks and a bulletin board.  These were donated to an early childhood education classroom in need.

Chemistry Studies
Chemistry students participate in a service learning project that raises money for a Spirit Scholarship Fund. The Spirit Scholarship fund assists funding needs that have been identified by school faculty, such as helping students purchase GBS spiritwear and receive a ticket to participate in the Spring fling. Chemistry students collect pledges for stoichiometry problems that they solve during the Stoich-A-Thom. Students work during a class period in the Student Activities Center to solve as many stoichiometry problems as they can.

Honors Sophomore English
Students participated in a wide variety of community projects which culminated in research papers and videos. Topics included bullying, campaign financing, collective bargaining, environmental issues, health fairs, children-home-alone safety, lobbying, poverty, and social security. 

The woods class has completed various projects throughout the school, including:

  • New trophy cases outside the Dome and the Auditorium
  • Faux fireplace and bookcases in the Special Ed department
  • Student Activities Courtyard gazebo
  • 50th anniversary time capsule
  • American Flag case in the Guidance corridor
  • Titan Tot storage cubby unit
  • Display cases on the 2nd floor and 1st floor of the Old Pit
  • Twenty-seven Plyometric jump boxes for the weight room.
  • Mahogany broadcasting table for WGBK 88.5 radio studio
  • New 12' x 12' green screen for TV studio
  • Computer carrel for Glenview Youth Services
  • Cedar compost bin alongside greenhouse for GBS Horticulture
  • Raffle wheels for ronald McDonald House
  • Three large storage cabinets for GBS gymnastics program

 They have also trained students for the Habitat for Humanity trips for the past few years, and repaired numerous shoes. 


Advanced Television Production Class
The Advanced Television Production class produced a promotional video for over 60,000 employees to view encouraging donations to United Way.

Amnesty International
Amnesty International along with Stand organizes Jamnesty, an annual performance event. They recently contributed over $1,000 to Amnesty International with money earned from Jamnesty.

Comedy Sportz
Each performance of Comedy Sportz donates a portion of its ticket sales to local food pantries. Recently, GBS and GBN teamed up to benefit two local families in need. All proceeds benefited Caring Hearts and the Canned Food Drive.

Cure Club
Dedicates their efforts for all cancer causes and research. More recently, Cure Club has donated money to Linda Kocian, teacher at Glenbrook South who has been diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma.

Debate Club
The GBS Debate students have been working with middle school debaters at Maple School to help introduce them to speech and debate. Our students go over to Maple for an hour each week to provide feedback, research assistance and evidence.

Desi Club
Desi Club raised money and participated in the 5K for Apna Ghar, a women's and children shelter in Chicago. We also sent money and school supplies to the inspiration Center in India. In addition, we have helped out our fellow clubs like Amnesty, STAND, Student Council and Hellenic Club raise money for their various events.

Drama Club
Drama Club raises money every year for Heavenly Hats, an organization which provides hats to children who have lost their hair due to chemotherapy.  

Hellenic Club
Organizes and delivers holiday gifts to our entire adopted grade school in the city.

We help with over 50 community service events throughout the school year. There are plenty of events to do that benefit the community and you can even do them with your friends. Works annually during the summer with Habitat For Humanity.  Interact also works annually with Rotary to donate computer and medical equipment. This year, Interact raised over $750 for local soup kitchens through Battle of the Bands.

Key Club
We focus on volunteer opportunities that fit our motto of "Service over Self". Meaning, we want to make sure the opportunities are more focused on those who need it rather than ourselves We have events for all levels of volunteers in a variety of focuses, but our mission is the same.Our hope is that through our events, members are inspired to proactively participate in volunteer opportunities on their own and eventually make it a habit in their lives beyond their time at GBS. Some events we're involved with include: Stadium Sweep; BeFriend a Titan, Soup Kitchen, Feed My Starving Children, Halting Hunger, Seed Packing and GBS Random Acts of Kindness. 

Student Council
Student council organizes an annual canned food drive during the month of November. All donations are donated to the Northfield Food Pantry, Vital Bridges and Onward House.

Onward House
Tutors inner-city children on Tuesdays at the Onward House of Chicago.

Personal Item drives and holiday visits to Casa Central in Chicago.


The Badminton team has worked with the American Heart Association selling t-shirts and collecting spare change. In addition, the team has a booth at Spring Fling and all proceeds go to breast cancer research.

Cross Country
The boys and girls Cross Country teams participated in our annual "Charity Run" to raise funds for the Northfield Township Food Pantry. Both teams have been doing this for 18 years and have raised approximately $45,00 for our local families in need. 

The football team sells Wounded Warrior t-shirts annually and donates the proceeds to the Wounded Warrior Project.  Over the past two years, over $2500 has been donated. In addition, they have raised over $1,000 annually to donated to Youth Services in Glenview.

Girls Basketball
The girls' basketball team participates in Free Throws for Heroes, a charitable organization that raises money for veterans.

Girls Golf
The girl's golf team volunteered their time by participating in making blankets for Blanket Brigade, which was organized by Kristin Preuss. The blankets the team made are given to the NorthShore hospital pediatrics unit. The team also participated in the "Letters to Santa" and fulfilled a child's dream gift.

Girls Lacrosse
Over the past several years, girls Lacrosse has donated to several organizations including $2,000 to  The American Brain Tumor Association, and pver $500 to Glenview Youth Services

Men's Diving
Participates in Relay for Life

Poms participates annually in Feed My Starving Children and Paula Packs.

Runs Titan Day, which includes a doubleheader cookout and collection of diapers (over 2000!) and donations for Crittenton Center in Peoria, Illinois.  Last year, the varsity team went there and built a pergola on some land next to their facility.  They spent a day playing with children and holding babies in the at-risk nursery.  

Swim Teams
Boys and Girls Swim Teams did a fundraiser for Sarcome Cancer Research.  It is called the Hour of Power and is a fundraiser done across the country by swim teams to honor Ted Mullin.  They raised $2000. Annually, the boys swim team joins forces with the YMCA of Northbrook to sell and pack Christmas for local families of the community. All proceeds from the sales of the trees go to benefit families in need within our local community. The girls swim team travels to Libertyville every year to work with Feed My Starving children. On sites our athletes work to pack hundreds of meals for children and families in need across our world.

The tennis team has raised $8,000 through various fundraising events and donated to Skin of Steel 

Track and Field
The track and field programs donate time in the spring to educating and instructing the local junior highs in a "learn by doing" clinic. Our captains/seniors instruct groups in a variety of events early in season to help promote at the grass roots level. Roughly 200 junior high students participate in this clinic each year.

Dig Pink volley for the Cure. They recently have raised $1,200 to donate to cancer research.

The team raised money and donated to the Kevin Moore Fund. Kevin Moore was a wrestler who had a severe spinal injury earlier this year.

Please see our Inspire brochure for more information on Glenbrook South's Service theme. Inspire-Brochure-2015


Service Learning is…. an extension of the classroom curriculum where students meet specific community needs by participating in the planning of the service activity, engage in the service to the community and reflect on the importance of the service experience.

Community Service is….the application of human talent that bridges the gap between the helper and the helped to create valuable connections that address the needs within the community.

Essential ingredients for a successful service-learning experience:

The Five Stages of Service Learning:

  1. Inventory and Investigation – students catalog interests and skills and look for community partners.
  2. Preparation - involves students in the selection of the service activity based upon curricular goals, community needs and input from the students.
  3. Action - involves the participation in the service project with students directly involved with the population being served.
  4. Reflection - occurs after the service project has been conducted and requires students to examine the impact of their work in the community.
  5. Demonstration/Recognition – students demonstrate what and how they have learned and are recognized for the importance of the service conducted in the community.

Service-Learning Standards for Quality Practice:

  • Meaningful Service – students engaged in meaningful and relevant service
  • Link to Curriculum – must be used as instructional strategy to meet learning goals
  • Reflection- prompt thoughtful analysis about one’s relationship to society
  • Diversity- promotes mutual respect among all participants
  • Youth Voice- students involved in planning and implementation
  • Partnerships- service addresses real community needs and creates relationships
  • Progress Monitoring- ongoing process to access the quality of implementation
  • Duration and Intensity- sufficient to make real impact