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With over 80 clubs and organizations, there is something for every student!
Glenbrook South High School prides itself on its expansive offerings within the four A's: Activities, Arts, Athletics and Academics. This webpage serves as a hub for all things Activities-related; however, there is often overlap between Arts and Academics. We encourage you to explore these department webpages as well.

*Applications for new clubs for the 2020-2021 school year will close on November 1st, 2020 and will re-open in September of 2021.  

GBS 2020-2021 Clubs & Activities 

About the "SAO" - Student Activities Office

Whether you are passionate about an interest or simply want to try something new, we believe that activities create opportunities outside the classroom to explore interests, nurture talents, and develop friendships. We encourage you to search our website for information on the array of clubs and organizations that we offer. With over 80% of our student body participating in extracurricular activities, we pride ourselves on how involved our students are both within our school community and in the larger Glenview community. Research shows that students involved in activities not only perform better academically, but also enjoy a stronger social/emotional school experience. So.... what are you waiting for?! Find something that interests you and get involved!
If there is anything that we can do to help better inform you on our offerings or to assist you with finding the right activity, please stop by the Student Activities Office (located directly across from the East Cafeteria).
With Titan Pride!
Mr. Maranto
Assistant Principal for Student Activities


Glenbrook South, your spirit will inspire us to the end And we will fight to never lose our hold! If we win or lose, we’ve given all we had To proudly see our flag unfold! And in victory your name will ring throughout the land And we’ll be proud to shout your praises true So let’s cheer for the blue and gold of brave Titan heroes, Glenbrook South, hats off to you! V-I-C-T-O-R-Y! Victory, Victory, Glenbrook High!


Oh Glenbrook South we honor you We pledge our loyalty. To strive to bring glory Through our ability. Tomorrow and forever we’ll All remember you; Our fighting Titan spirit Will always see us through!

Ella Durchin
Student Spotlight
“I like how GBS is a community and everyone’s nice to each other, and different groups are all accepted.”
- Ella Durchin